Beer Shave Soap & Brush Set
Beer Shave Soap & Brush Set

Beer Shave Soap & Brush Set

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Beer Shave Soap

This shaving soap is clean and natural, but that does not for a moment mean it's any less effective or convenient than what you may be used to using. When used with a shaving brush, this soap creates a rich and thick lather that feels amazing under your razor. The Bentonite Clay that is added creates that extra ‘slip’ needed for a comfortable shave, and the Tea Tree Oil will help sterilize and disinfect any nicks made along the way too. Tea Tree is also what gives this soap its neutral and refreshing scent. 

 The natural nature of this soap may cause some razors to get 'gummed' up. We always suggest trying to switch to a safety razor. Though it can some getting used to, it is well worth it! It's an eco-friendly razor that will save you money in the long run, as you only need to replace the actual blades, verses the entire razor. 


Shave Brush

Ready to simplify your shaving routine, while paying homage to the classic art of self-care and shaving? It's time to toss out your shaving foams, artificial potions, soaps, and creams. When you use our shave brush with our natural shave soap, you will generate a rich lather that will be able to get under hairs and open your pores for a more comfortable and closer shave.  

Slightly wet your brush and rub it onto our shaving soap using circular motions.  Keep going until you get as much and as dense of a lather as you prefer.  Brush the foam onto your face (or wherever) using circular motions. This will lift the hair up and help your razor get a nice close shave!