The Hey Ya' Box
The Hey Ya' Box
The Hey Ya' Box

The Hey Ya' Box

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Connect with people like never before!  Gone are the days of the white coffee mug with your logo on it!  Give something with a lasting impression, something that sets off the senses, creating memory recall back to the person/business they received the item from every time they use it.

Perfect for Employees and Clients!

How it works:

1.  Choose items from any of the pricing categories. 

2.  Add up the total and that is your price per box.

3.  Send me your recipient list and any personalized notes you would like me to add to each box.

4.  I'll send you a private link to your personally curated boxes for payment.

Minimum 10 boxes and $25 per box required for initial order, add on orders can be in increments of 5 boxes at $25 per box.

*shipping is extra